Hello, my name is Lucie Bertiau. I'm a digital designer born and raised in France, with over eight years experience in digital and product design. I work collaboratively with UX & development teams to design functional and user-friendly interfaces.
I have a bachelor degree in design and visual communication and also have a graduate certificate in web design.
Although I have experience as a designer/front-end developer, I started to feel restricted designing interfaces according to my coding skills. I decided to focus purely on design. Of course, I still enjoy coding, hacking and fixing websites in Firebug.
I love solving design problems, I'm really good at making sound effects with my voice to mimic screen transitions and I am a perfectionist when it comes to pixels and baking tarte aux fraises

Digital design
Art Direction
Vector and traditional illustrations
Good understanding of HTML/CSS
Intermediate coding skills
Fluent French/English

Adobe Creative Suite
Axure, InVision
Sketch, Figma

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