The Heart Research

The Heart Research Institute (HRI) approach my company to re-design their website, in order to generate heightened awareness of heart diseases and increase donations towards valuable research. My key responsibility as a Lead Designer was to differentiate the perception associated with other heart charities so as to focus on the medical research outcome of their work and showcase the cutting-edge work of world leading scientists. 

Heart Research Institute

Adrenalin, 2015

Art Direction, Design

Rajeev Kumar, Creative Direction
Samantha Thompson, UX
David Lai/Richard Han, UI


We retained the red colour for brand alignment and quick identification and the blue was introduced to give a sense of calm and credibility accross the website. We've used massive typography to reflect the confidence of HRI and add a lot of impact while the striking hero imagery creates some emotional connection with the user. 


As a result, the conversion rates of the new website have tripled. People are browsing longer and consuming more content, which means more people learning about heart disease and choosing to support research.